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Full Costumes, Set & Props available!

We went all out and are willing to work with your budget.  11 Uniforms reversible red and white- 8 cheer uniforms & practice outfits, 3 cross country uniforms, 9 wildcat girls soccer uniforms, 3 tennis uniforms, 3 black opposing team uniforms.  10 brainiac lab coats, Sharpay and Ryan all costumes, All actors have costumes for everyday they are on stage. We stuck with a colorful 2006 theme (no skinny jeans!) and our plot & design went on the premise that we move closer to red as the days go by (group becomes more unified in every way!)

High School Musical is such a fun show!  Hope someone else can enjoy this show and these costume items as much as we did!

Each character has a costume back with all of his/her costumes... We have a cast of 100 total!

Set could be repurposed for another show- Message or text anytime for info/photos/details

Jennifer Welch, jwelch@ccttheatre.org, 931-319-2809