Drowsy Chaperone Cast Costumes

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  • Drowsy Chaperone Cast Dance Roaring 20's Ensemble
  • Monkey Scene Drowsy Chaperone Costumes

This costume ensemble is an incredible group of costumes created for high school community theatre.  It includes a variety of fancy dresses, Maids, Asian robes, Monkey suits, skirts/tops reporters, "wedding dresses," pool ensembles, men/boy suits and tuxes with ties, shirts, some gloves, a large variety of hats, lingerie, tights, flight jackets, and much more.  There are a variety of sizes so it can be managed to fit a variable size cast.  These can in addition be used for any number of shows requiring roaring 20's, animal, Asian, wedding scenes, maids, and so forth, so an amazing addition to your wardrobe closet.  Everything is in extremely excellent conition and is built from beautiful fabrics, trimmings, and purchased pieces such as most of the men's wear.  Great buy.  Worth thousands of dollars.  If you are in the general vicinity of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, I could probably hand deliver all of it to save shipping.  Use my email to inquire.


Isa Hetzel