Avenue Q puppet rentals

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  • Avenue Q's Nicky wants to help you help others

Bring your Avenue Q production to life with our affordable rental sets. 

Full sets include

  1. no costume changes,
  2. no difficult swaps, 
  3. a set of six personable singing boxes to help Princeton with his "Purpose."

School set has a unique method for making minimal puppet changes, and dedicated puppets for specialty looks in the show.  All in all, these puppets are designed to make your backstage experience as enchanting as your on stage one.

Also available from the Dallas Puppet Theater, an adopt-a-puppet program with graphics to help fund your rental, and a two-day puppet workshop to help insure that your show makes memories your audiences will keep forever.

Contact us today for information, rates, and to schedule your puppets; let this show make a difference to your audiences!