Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Stage Car Rental

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  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Rental Car | DJO Stage Rentals

Available for rent is our fully-functional stage replica of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,"

Features of the DJO Stage Rentals Chitty include:

- 4x12 ft. scale replica of the car from the film

- stunning professional paint job 

- working headlights

- functional horn

- 360° battery-operated movement

- deployable wings

- rotating wheels

- "boat mode" featuring folding wheels AND inflation devices

- side lights to illuminate flotation devices and wings

Going rate for rental is $1,000 per week, plus a $2,500 deposit.

Delivery is an option but self-pickup is MUCH cheaper and encouraged

For more info and booking, please inquire at

NOTE: If renting the car is out of your budget, we offer a package of tips, tricks, and guidelines on how to build your own! Email us for more information.


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