Disney's Descendants costumes - Evie and Mal

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  • Disney's Descendants costume coat for the character Evie

Make your production of Disney's Descendants shine with these professional costumes!

Please note: these items were ordered from professional cosplay companies. Shipping costs were $40-$50 each, and took 3-4 weeks to arrive. This time of year, these companies are overwhelmed with Halloween orders, and so they can't guarantee shipment before Halloween. We are offering these with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING (2-4 days within the US), or Express shipping for $30 (1-2 days within the US)


Evie's coat (by EZCosplay): made from high-quality artificial leather, with incredible metal stud details. Includes belt (not pictured).

NEVER USED! This item arrived too late for our production, so it is in brand-new condition.

Price: 73.99


Mal costume (by Pro Cosplay): includes

Coat: multi-colored artificial leather, complete with zippers and metal studs, and amazing dual dragon icon on the back

Shirt with lace edge details


Only worn 4 times (dress rehearsal + 3 performances) - like-new condition.

Price: $120