Seussical Set and Costumes

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Set Pieces/ Props
Main Set with stairs and slide
Welcome to Whoville Sign
JoJo Bed
Large Fish
Butter Knives
About 300 Clovers
Large Seuss Hat

7 Bird Girl Dresses- 2- 0/2, 2- 4/6, 2 8/10, 1- 18
7 Bird Girl Headbands, 6 Bird Girl Tails
Gertrude White body suit size large
Gertrude blue Jumper size Large
Gertrude blue and white tail
Wickershams- 4 Olive Green Vests (one size)
Wickershams- 4 Pair khaki scrub pants- XS, S, and M
Mr. Mayor Yellow and Blue Suit Small
Mrs. Mayor Blue Dress Large
Mrs. Mayor Yellow Belt, hat, and gloves
Mayzie Purple Dress Large
Mayzie Red and Purple Tail/ Purple Headband
2 Thing Jumpsuits with wigs L/XL
2 Gold Kangaroo Jumpsuits S and M
Kangaroo Ears and Tails, 2 sets of gold gloves, 2 gold fanny packs
General Costume- Large
Yertle the Turtle Olive Green Shirt- L
Yertle Olive Green Scrub Pants- L
Cadet Camo Jumpsuits (6) 3- 3/4, 1- 5/6, 1- 7/8, 1-13/14
15 Camo hats
4 orange hunter vests
JoJo Blue jean overalls- Child XL
JoJO yellow and white shirt- Child XL
Grinch Costume- Large


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