Lion King Jr. Set Pieces

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  • Revolving Pride Rock with stairway
  • Rideable ostriches---Just Can't Wait To Be King
  • Elephant graveyard/cave

I have an incredible custom Lion King Jr. set for sale. There is a revolving Pride Rock with circular staircase for stunning Circle of Life presentation. Approximately 7 feet tall. There are a pair of rideable colorful ostriches for Just Can't Wait To Be King.  Approximately 7 feet tall. There is an Elephant Graveyard/cave with steps. The elephant rib cage bones are removable. There is also a 'wedge' for Scar's lair painted black with red trim with a zebra rug trim. We have the Mufasa puzzle pieces for He Lives In You. We have the wearable giraffes approximately 7 feet tall for Just Can't Wait To Be King. You pickup and haul from our stage. I can get more photos on request.