Omigod! LEGALLY BLONDE Speciality Items

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I recently directed LEGALLY BLONDE In New York City and found many of the “speciality pieces” hard to find without spending an arm and a leg while making sure they still fit the tall order that the show calls for in terms of set and prop pieces. I’m making many of those speciality pieces available for rental as a package of separate pieces for theaters across the country. I come from a educational theatre background, but occasionally work on Broadway as well. 

I’m willing to separate some pieces, but you’d be getting a better bang for your buck if you rented an entire package! 

All pieces are used and show a little wear and tear, but from the audience look exactly as they should. 



-ELLE WOODS Signs - Off-white background with pink letters. 9 letters in all, embellished with Swarovski crystals. 

-Elle Woods Locket - Silver; Elle’s iconic heart locket. 

-Internship List - Laminated so it withstands tape and multiple use. Has all the names of the students and Elle’s name in bold, and Callahan’s firm and a logo at the top.

-UPS Label - Laminated and can withstand many uses. Easy to tape onto a box for Kyle to carry. 

-Pink Boa - Set dressing for Elle’s room as part of the things Emmett needs to throw out in “Chip On My Shoulder”. 

-Ugly dress - The ugly dress that the salesgirl tries to sell Elle in OMIGOD YOU GUYS. 

-Apron - For Kiki the Colorist in the Hair Affair. 

-Congratulations, Elle! Banner - Pink lettering and off-white background with holes on either side to be flown in or hung on hooks. 

-Congratulations Harvard Law Class of 2018 Banner - White lettering with the classic crimson red backdrop. Two holes on either side to be flown in or hung on hooks.  

-4 Harvard/Delta Nu Banners  - Doublesided. Approximately 4 1/2 feet tall. One side says “Delta Nu” with the Delta Nu logo and the other features the Harvard Logo with “Harvard” on it. Small hole at the top to be flown in or hung on a hook. 



All wigs have been previously worn. Wigs come to you washed and styled. 

-Elle - This lace-front wig will make your ELLE shine and sparkle! The wig parts on the right side and is a super large cap — we had issues keeping it on until we tightened it with the inner strap. Long curls and a “golden blonde” tone. The lace has been cut short so it does not need to be glued down. Recently restyled.

-Vivienne - This lace-front wig brings Vivienne to life perfectly! It’s a deep chestnut brown with an extra large cap. People comment that it truly looks “like their real hair”. 

-Delta Nu Wavy - This hard front synthetic brown wig 

-Mom Wig - How ‘bout a nice Birkin Bag? Elle’s mom’s wig sports a typical short mom cut in a dark strawberry blonde color. 

-Delta Nu Strawberry Blonde - This lace-front wig is a beautiful blend of strawberry blonde. We used this wig with a high bump on the top to give a LA like feel. 

-Ombre Wig - A Black/Caramel ombre wig used for a Delta Nu. Curly. 

-Frizzy Red - A cropped short with wild red bangs for a hairdresser in the Hair Affair. 

-Judge - A black bob wig with bangs for the Judge in “There! Right There!” and “Legally Blonde: Remix”. 

-Chutney Perm - A mega-sized, super curly brunette wig for Chutney to wear. 


Please email me at for all inquiries — I can supply videos, photos and anything you need to make a final decision.