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  • Newsies working printing press for sale

We have for sale the following exceptionally nice Newsies set items:

1.  A working antique printing press, on car dolly casters.  We've stripped down the motor and some of the weight.  It is hand operated and is very impressive.  A bit heavy, but can be rolled on and off stage by two people.  We have video of it working if you're interested.  $850.

2.  3 paintings on rolling scaffolds for Medda's theatre backdrops.  They work well filling the space under Medda's theatre proscenium.  $450

3.  A very nice Santa Fe painting, on a rolling scaffold, with an editorial drawing on the back.   $550

4.  A light-weight flyable door for the World office.  13 ft x 8 ft total dimensions, 10 ft x 6 ft door opening.  It's framed with wood, with luan panels covered with foam for the bevel panels.  $250

Or $2,000 for all, or make an offer for all or part.

If you want more details or have any questions, feel free to contact us.  

Thank you,

Kim Nisbett, Artistic Director

Fine Linen Theatre

573-261-0244 call or text


For specific technical questions:

Keith Nisbett, Set Design/Technical Director