James and the Giant Peach Puppets

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The puppets rent for $35 each per week with 50% off each additional week. You would also need to pay for all shipping. We are out of Kansas City and they could also be picked up. Each puppet is made from different materials. They are all very light weight and are mostly made of foam. They are all covered with painted fabric strips and the faces were painted on. They are best described as Eric Carl folk art. They all have a hat that can be removed if you choose not to use them. Grasshopper’s head is on a pole that runs through his body. His back is open so the operator can move his head. He has a handle on his back just under the opening. Ladybug’s wings are hinged and there are springs mounted under the wing to give bounce. She has a cloth handle on her back. Centipede’s arms are all springs and his head is mounted to a spring as well. He has two handles on his back. Spider’s legs are wired and pivot on a rode running through her body that also turns her head. She has a pocket on her underside for the puppeteer to place their hand to hold her. The sandwich that Mr. Spider gets caught in is hallow to allow room for him to fit. It is also made of foam and covered with painted strips of fabric. Mr. Spider has a magnet on his back so he can come from above and detach from his ‘spiderweb’ once he’s inside the sandwich. Worm is all foam with two handles. He has a pair of glasses. He is covered with painted strips of fabric. He can bend some but is fairly stiff. The Rhino head is double sided so it can appear from either side of the stage. The body is foam and covered with painted strips of fabric and has handles on the upstage side of the body. There are two pair of gray pants for the puppeteers. Let me know if you have any further questions. Have a great day, Todd fishingliontheatre@gmail.com