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  • Hunchback of Notre Dame rental robes, Fourth Wall Scenic
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame rental robes, Fourth Wall Scenic
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame rental robes, Fourth Wall Scenic

FOR MORE PICTURES OF THESE HUNCHBACK RENTAL COSTUMES VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://fourthwallscenic.com/hunchback/costume-pictures-landing.php​ 


• Professional Costumes - no see through Party City or Halloween costumes. Who wants to spend money on cheap costumes you could have bought on Amazon?

•  Full plot - Get a full plot designed by a professional designer

• Piece of Mind - Get piece of mind with Fourth Wall renals via on-site tech's, concierge alterations and installation videos*

• Rent costumes from Professional Broadway stage hands

Fourth Wall Scenic’ s Hunchback Robes Rental

Fourth Wall Scenic's Hunchback robes are currently available for rental. The rental package includes up to 44 hand crafted grey midevil robes. 

Fourth Wall Scenic's package travels via LTL freight and most costumes are machine washable. 

For more pictures and information about Fourth Wall Scenic's Hunchback robe rentals please visit our website at http://fourthwallscenic.com/hunchback/costume-pictures-landing.php . Fourth Wall also offers a full Hunchback of Notre Dame set rental http://fourthwallscenic.com/hunchback