Disaster Props and Puppets

Disaster! the Musical Props and Puppets

"All right now. Baby, it's all right now."

It's all right, GiGi's Workshop is your one-stop-shop for all your Disaster needs! This total package features everything thing you need to make your "Disaster!" perfect! Sharks, piranhas, rats...oh my!

Included in the "Basic Rental" are 3 piranha fish puppets, 1 fish that gets eaten by the piranha, piranha-eaten hand, piranha eaten-skeleton, 2 shark arms, Levora's "Baby" (dog), severed hands and foot, Ben/Lisa dummy, man dummy, 2 shark fins, rat puppet, rat "blanket" for actor to appear eaten, and Ben hands/Lisa hands.

The "Deluxe Rental" package "Wheel of Doom". Local area rentals can also hire Gabrielle to 'puppet' their shows.

Visit https://gigisworkshop.com/contact/ and send a message for pricing.