Seussical Sour Kangaroo Costume and Puppet

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"Humph," humphed a voice! 'Twas the Sour Kangaroo. And the young kangaroo in her pouch said, "Humph," too!

Even with all the attitude, the Sour and Young Kangaroos are always an audience favorite and nothing's cuter than a matching mama and baby kangaroo.

GiGi's Workshop has two packages available for your Seussical production:

-Young Kangaroo puppet rental

-Young Kangaroo puppet rental, plus the costume (included overall with pouch that fits the Young Kangaroo, small womens shirt, and small women leggings). Please let me know if you need a larger size and I can try to accomodate. 

You can reach me through my website via the contact page: