SWEENEY TODD Curtain drop

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  • Sweeney Todd Act Curtain Drop
  • Sweeney Todd Act Curtain Drop
  • Sweeney Todd Act Curtain Drop


Custom Designed in 2017

This drop was designed to serve as a "book end" to the the opening and closing of the show.  As seen in the attached video,  it was dropped to the ground at the first factory whistle and at the end of the show it was flown in.  The design was inspired by an authentic 19th c. Penny Dreadful story woodcut.   The digital printing was done by RoseBrand.

A striking and beautiful piece certain to "wow" an audience. SEE ATTACHED VIDEO at approximately 1:30


Digitally Printed Media with Vertical Seams

Fabric: Poplin 9 oz Matte IFR - Digitally Printed

26 feet - 0 inches high x 12 feet - 0 inches wide

Top: Poly webbing grommets & ties, 3 in. webbing with #3 grommets on 12 inch centers.

Bottom: Open hem unlined, 5 in. Stage Right: Flat hem, 2 in. Stage Left: Flat hem, 2 in.