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MATILDA JR. set of seven specially designed small backdrops. 

My design concept is based on the popular crafting idea of painting onto the pages from a vintage book.  I had a billboard company print the pages then my middle school kids painted scenes in Matilda's style. 

The 3 large drops are 20' wide by 15' tall.  The 4 small ones are 10' wide by 15' tall.  All drops have pipe pockets top and bottom.  The Classroom Drop has a blank "chalkboard" area for rear-screen projections.

Sale price is very negotiable, (no rentals). 
Greensboro, North Carolina, (you arrange transport).  The large drops fold in half before rolling, so all pieces are 10' long during shipment.

Mr. Dana Lowell, (Designer/Tech Director), Sloan Theatre at Greensboro Day School