LITTLE MERMAID - Voice-Activated Necklace

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  • Ursula Necklace

Every LITTLE MERMAID production needs an URSULA SHELL to capture Ariel’s voice. We now offer a VOICE-ACTIVATED Necklace that matches the animation version. There is no doubt that a production of LITTLE MERMAID would be incomplete without the URSULA SHELL!

The VOICE-ACTIVATED Necklace has 3 modes of operation:


-Voice Activated – Multi color lights sparkle and dance in response to Ariel’s singing

-Steady On – After Ariel’s voice has been captured, the Shell light stays on.

This 3”x 3” shell is battery operated  and can be recharge nightly.   It comes with a breakaway necklace so it can be snatched off of Ursula’s neck for the climactic scene of Ursula’s defeat!

Amaze your audience with the magic of the URSULA Voice-Activated Necklace.

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