Brick panelling

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  • Brick wall
  • Inside the scaffolding

For our production of Newsies we used scaffolding and brick panelling.  We took great care to preserve the brick panelling when we dismantled our sets in the hope that someone could use it - simply use 2x4s as a frame.  The full size sheet sells for $60 at Home Depot.  We have about 15 sheets worth precut. Total cost $450.  You would need to arrange your own pickup of the material.  Please note this is only the brick panelling.  We are happy to share how we rigged it all up.


The other item  is the stairs that we use in the scaffolding.  We manufactured custom brackets and built stairs that replace one of the planks for the scaffolding - worked like a charm.  The stairs are fully assembled and painted black.  $100 per set of stairs.