Madagascar Jr. Costumes

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We have a very large package available for Madagascar Jr. Our production consisted of over 70 kids ranging from 8-14. We pride ourselves in the quailty of our kids productions and create costumes that not only fit the characters but are Mainstage worthy. Sizes of costumes will vary. Please contact me for more information.

For this show we have available:

Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman


Zookeepers-7 (named and ensemble)

Lioness- 8- Dressed as cheerleaders

Penguins- 7

Lemurs- 25 (named and ensemble)

Police Vests and Hats- 20

Steak Servers- 16- All Girls-50's diner theme

Foosa- 19 (named and ensemble)

New Yorkers- Pulled from stock, we can pull based on actor's sizes.


If you contact me and don't hear back from me in a couple of days please check your spam folder.