Sweeney Todd Barber Chair

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Custom built barber chair for "Sweeney Todd". Welded with iron and padded with imitation leather. It has 3 full rotation wheels on the legs and one leg is to be attached to the ground as the pivot point. It is made to spin when needed for turning the victims to the trap door to drop them, then turn back into place. Wheels can be locked so they only move when Sweeney allows it. There is a kick pedal on the back that, when stepped on, releases the seat. The seat will only go down if weight is in it and it has compression pieces on it to do a slow drop instead of abrupt. Seat can be immediately lifted back up and put into place for the next victim. 


The price does not include shipping. It is extremely heavy and will require freight shipment - this price can be quoted before purchase. Purchaser must sign waiver that releases prior owner and creator of any and all liability from the use of the chair. 


For video of the chair: https://youtube.com/shorts/NCY67QJiOUw?feature=share