Magic Flying Carpet Prop

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This is a Magic Flying Carpet rig that was designed and built for Scranton Middle School's production of Aladdin Jr.

The main lever arms are 1.5" square steel tubing, that we had welded together with some 1/4" steel plates. The pivot point of the steel is at the top of the cart. A scissor arm is hinged to the bottom of the cart and bottom of the carpet to hold the carpet level as it moves up an down. The whole rig is approximately 26' long. It is only 6" high at the pivot point so a black curtain or LED drop can conceal the operators.

The carpet is 3/4" plywood and 1x4 construction with a foam pad and covered in cloth. A simple safety harness is used to secure the actors. The whole rig rides on a rolling cart with heavy duty ridged casters for side to side motion and popup casters to maneuver it into position. Typical stage weights are used to counterbalance the two actors which makes it easy to "fly" them. Two operators push the rig side to side, while the third operator controls the up and down motion.

The two lever arms allow the carpet to be tilted slightly side to side to improve the illusion of flying. A forth operator ran a fog machine which is piped up under the carpet and around the rolling cart. The fog conceals the arms from the audience and makes it look like they are flying on a cloud. At the end of the scene, two pins secure the counter weights prior to the actors leaving the carpet. The levers have a 2:1 advantage so it is only about 90lbs. to hold up while the pins are being inserted. The two actors we used only weighed 180lbs. combined, and the 1.5" steel was sufficient to lift them.  During the show, one adult handled the up/down motion and the rest of the operators were middle school cast members.

This is for the carpet rig only, fog machine, stage weights, and cables/turnbuckles, and safety harnesses are NOT inculded.  This can be disassembled for transporting (2x 26' long steel arms, 4' steel pivot rod, 3'x8' rolling cart, hand rails).  We have approximately $600 in materials in this rig, please make an offer.  Willing to work with shipping company to load on truck.  The steel is heavy.