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I made or collected several of the props for our version of "Matilda" but I have nowhere to keep them, so I'm offering them to you for your production at my cost... plus shipping because I don't know where you live.

These props include:

Eric's strechy ear wig. The ears are hidden under fur flaps that disappear well into the wig but allow Trunchbull to find them by feel. (It took quite a bit of trial and error with stretchy ears to discover that you can't just sew them in because they'll rip. You have to wedge them between 2 pieces of plastic and sew the plastic into the wig. The ears are placed near the back so that the child can hold the wig down over their own ears. And yes, one of them was not sewn in quite straight, but by my third attempt, I was done.)

The hair tonic and dye bottle with attached tops. (The bleach makes a nice "click" sound when opened.)

2 rainbow gymnastic wands - one out of the package and one still packaged that we never needed to break into. (It's always nice to have a backup.)

12 working finger lights with elastic. (The kids in our show each took a few for souvenirs. There are others in the package, but their elastic broke.)

Two rubber newts that are nice and wiggly. (As I mentioned before, it's always nice to have a backup.)

The metal cup and magnet on fishing line that we used for the magic cup trick. (We painted it grean and the green is kind of coming off. It gave it a nice distressed look, but you may want to repaint to match your Trunchbull.)

More photos are available if you want them, including photos from the production of the props in action. Or if you just want an explanation on how these props were made, I'm happy to share what I did. You may have a better idea. 

I'm including all these props in one group because I don't want to keep going to the post office. Hope you can use them!