Some Little Mermaid Props CHEAP

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I directed "The Little Mermaid" with a local community theatre group in 2021. I purchased and/or made several props myself - so I took them with me. Now I need to clean things out. Unfortunately, shipping will probably be more expensive than the props themselves. (I've not priced it out yet.)  Still, I want to help out other community theatres by keeping things affordable.  (Plus, I don't need them.) The $50 doesn't even cover what I spent on materials.

We had HUGE laughs with killing Nemo and Dory. (Especially from dads who had been forced to come see their daughters in the chorus. One couldn't stop. He made ME laugh - and I almost never do that.) They work beautifully with the lyrics in the chef's song.

There are other various items that you may or may not want, but it's just easier to ship them all together.

It's got to go and soon, so don't hesitate!