Little Mermaid

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Costumes (pics at dropbox link)

Ariel, (size 4 to 6/33-25-38 wait to floor 39") Mersister skirt, bra, tail, harness, Seaweed skirt, Pink dinner dress, Kiss the Girl Dress (Blouse, vest, skirt) Wedding Dress and Veil

11-13 pairs of heelies

Flying tail x 2 for Ariel and body double

6 Mersisters: Sequined bras, skirts, tails, harness for tails, colored wigs 

Sebastian, Red t shirt, red quilted vest, red coat with petals, red pants, red socks, red hat w. eyes, red gloves

Flotsam & Jetsam includes unitards with spikes on arms and tail and lights on arms and tail, wigs with spikes and lights, green trop hats with hole to have spiked hair come through, light up gloves

Windward, orange shirt, shakespeare style pants, tights, sleeves, hood with trumpet

Scuttle includes wig, vest, shirt with feathers on arms, tights, dickie, beaked cap, shorts

Flounder includes yellow shirt with fins on arms, yellow pants, tights, wig with blue spikes

Chef Louis, orange chef hat tall, 1 piece hoop in chef outfit (tweedle dee style), Diamond Tights

Under The Sea: 19 assorted costumes including Coral x3, Jelly Fish x 2 with gloves, Sea Lizards x 2, 1 Manta Ray x1, 11 Fish with fur, maribou and feather and foam headpieces created specifically for the show

Kiss The Girl: 16 assorted including 1 Swan, 2 Frogs, 2 Butterflies, 2 Pink Flamingos, 2 Flowers, 4 Birds, 1 Water, 2 Fireflies - inc. headpieces

8 Gulls includes shirt with feathers and arms, blue shorts, tights (as is), vests, Neck feather fickie, Beaked Caps, Gull Wigs

8 Chefs inclues vest, pants, chef hats

4 maids includes bodice, full skirt, hoop skirt, mob cap

6 Princesses - 6 full ball gowns with hoop skirts

*Ursula: tentacles, dress, wig, fin gloves 

Specialty Items Light up Trident, Ursuals light up magic shell (remote control), Mersisters Pink Fans)