Young Frankenstein



Inga's Updoo and curly wig is available as well enquire for further info

Frankenstein Puppet for ‘Join the Family Business’
18 black capes various sizes- Happiest Town In Town
13 black top hats - Puttin’ On The Ritz
10 regular white lab coats : ladies - Family Business
9 regular lab coats:  men - Family Business
2 horse heads and blankets for ‘Roll In The Hay’
3 stethoscopes - Family Business
13 White Mad Scientist Wigs 
5 Sexy Marilyn Nurses Wigs 

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein:
Size 42 chest, 33 waist
Navy 3-piece suit
Brown 3-piece suit (vest not an exact match)
Size 10 grey suede shoes
old-fashioned side closure lab coat
regular lab coat
Frederick Frankenstein lace front wig

Size 48 chest, 38 waist
Padded tunic
beige no collar shirt
brown jacket and pants
Large white hospital gown (worn over tux)
tux jacket and pants size 52
white tux vest
2-4 white tux shirts (19-20 inch neck)
Size 12 monster boots

Inga: ( If interested I have the lace front Inga Wig and Updoo for Puttin On The Ritz)
Size 34 chest, 28 waist
Blue bodice and skirt
yellow bodice and skirt,
Aqua 2-piece peignoir
regular lab coat
white short slip
silver ball gown
feather slippers size 8

Frau Blucher: 
Size 40 chest, 33 waist
White blouse with button
purple blouse with snaps
black skirt
black bloomers with purple lace
silver jacket with silver camisole and matching skirt
black size 8 shoes
Frau Blucher wig - Lace Front 

Size 36 chest, 33 waist
Red gown,
Pink pantsuit with camisole
Pink size 8 shoes
Fur stole with detachable head
Gold Sequinned Designer Dress / lining comes out at the arm for after she meets the monster)
Beige wrap
Gold size 8 shoes

Dr. Victor Frankenstein: 
Size 42 chest, 36 waist
Purple tailcoat with matching vest and black pants

Inspector Kemp: 
Size 38 chest, 33 waist
Blue military jacket with sash and pants with gold stripe, black eyepatch with monocle, military hat (fake hand not included) :) 

Size 38 chest
Brown robe with belt
Beard and Wig 

Size 38 chest, 32 waist
Black short cape, black tunic and pants, black balaclava
Yellow rain slicker with hat
Mr Hilltop hospital gown with sock garters

Size 38 chest, 33 waist
Red short tunic with gold cords
brown tunic with fur
brown short tunic, brown cords
Beige floppy hat

Ladies Ensemble
10 dark skirts with dark bodices, 10 colourful skirts with colourful bodices,
5 mad scientist nurse short white dresses, 5 nurse caps, 
3 black and white Entourage short dresses
11 blouses various designs

Men's Ensemble
8 dark Brown and grey jackets and unmatched pants
2 blue colourful tunics
1 red brocade tunic
1 beige leggings
1 blue leggings
3 hats including black top hat with feather, red bowler, brown felt
Quartet members: 1 red coat size 38, 1 green coat size 42, 1 rust coat size 50
Gravedigger: grey jacket, grey shirt, grey pants
Shoeshine man: brown jacket, brown cords
Herald: black coat with attached cape size 50 and tricorne
Wolf: size large grey paid shirt and grey pants, rainbow suspenders (no mask included)

Lab orderlies
1 Ladies : White coat and skirt with nurse cap
1 Men’s : white short lab coat with white pants

Seeing Off Ladies: Please Don’t Touch Me #
1 Ladies extra small blue dress
1 extra small red dress
1 Men's size 42 2-piece suit black, 
1 Men’s size size 38 2-piece suit in grey

Telegraph boy: 
Size 46
Navy jacket with red trim with pants

*Inga’s wigs Updoo and down are not included in this prices list - this will be an additional charge.