Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Puppets & Other Costume Pieces

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Located in Kohler, WI 

Photos available upon request. 

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Little Shop of Horrors List of Available items


  1. Puppet Package 5k

(Includes the following)


Bin #1:

  • Baby Audrey II
  • Rat poison
  • Envelope w/lots of fake money of various bills
  • Mushnik’s florist bag w/gun (taser)


Bin #2:

  • Audrey II #2 - pot with puppet and jacket with fake arm plus matching glove


Large Bin #3:

  • Brown roots with green leaves (can be hung up or placed underneath Audrey II #4
  • Audrey II #3 puppeteer pants w/suspenders and leaves
  • Audrey II #3 puppeteer shoes with roots
  • 4 plant headpieces for dead Orin, Mushnik, Audrey & Seymour
  • Extra green leaves


Med crate:

  • Head/mouth for Audrey II #3


LARGE crate:

  • Audrey II #4 (Big Bertha) - **refurbished by us (aluminum backpack frame replaced with a steel one)
  • Black folding stool for her puppeteer
  • 2 large arms w/loops for hanging
  • Home of Audrey II sign
  • See Audrey II sign
  • Gas mask for dentist
  • Box w/severed foot, severed hand, long intestines and bloody dentist shirt
  • Large Canvas ‘dirt”
  • Cover blanket for Audrey II #4


**Plus rolling base with built in belt for Audrey II #3 puppeteer


  1. Other items available for purchase:


  • Audrey costumes  - black dress w/grey sweater, animal print belt and black shrug for a ‘change’ plus the animal print sling, ruffled apron, purple dress with animal print trim and detachable animal print peplum, pink satin nightgown & robe, curly white blonde wig)
  • Mushnik -glasses, shirt, tie and sweater vest cardigan, cane
  • Seymour - black & white Argyle sweater vest for Act I, purple & black Argyle sweater vest for Act II, blue or brown logo-less baseball caps
  • Orin - leather look biker pants, white dentist shirt with black trim, black pompadour wig
  • Pat Martin - tan trench and grey Fedora
  • Mrs. Luce - pink and white suit, small faux fur, pink pocketbook, jewelry
  • Machete
  • LOTS of fake flowers - sad ones for early scenes, vibrant ones for later scenes
  • 4 green robes to go with the 4 plant headpieces
  • Two monster magazines for the girls
  • 5 green sparkly dresses with 5 pairs of bright green gloves and bright green sashes (a variety of sizes