Aladdin Costumes For Sale

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Aladdin costumes for sale.  These could also be used for The King and I, or pieced out for other productions.  

This lot consists of approximately 35+ costumes that include a variety of hand-beaded women's Kurti sets (with dupattas), women's formal dresses, men's Kurti sets, robes, and other individual items.


2 - Turquoise Men's Size L Art Silk Kurta Set (Character:  Genie)

1 - Purple Men's Size M Art Silk Kurta Set (Character:  Prince Abdullah)

1 - Sky Blue Men's Size S Silk Blend Kurta Set (Character:  Aladdin / Prince Ali)

1 - Peacock/Dark Green Men's Size S Art Silk Kurta Set (Character:  Aladdin wedding outfit)

1 - Black Men's Size L Art Silk Kurta Set (Character:  Ensemble)

1 - Purple Women's Size S (**2" seam allowance on each side to tunic top**) Beaded Kurta Set with Dupatta (Character:  Jasmine)

1 - Hot Pink and Marigold Women's Size S/M Kurti Set with Dupatta (Character:  Jasmine's market outfit)

1 - Turquoise and Navy Women's Size XS (36 Bust) Beaded Salwar Kameez (Character:  Jasmine's wedding dress)

2 - Pale Green Kid's Size 10/12 Kaftan Robes (Character:  Guards / Ensemble)

2 - Navy Boy's Size 14y/15y Kurta Set (Character:  Palace Guards)

1 - Red/Orange Women's Size M Embroidered Anarkali Dress (Character:  Manal)

1 - Pink Women's Size M/L Palazzo Kurti Set (Character:  Isir)

1 - Sky Blue Women's Size 36 Bust Kurti Set with Dupatta (Character:  Rajah)

1 - Light Blue & Lavender Women's Size S (2" seam allowance on each side of tunic top**) Beaded Kurti Set with Dupatta  (Character:  Jasmine)

1 - Pink and Green Women's Size S Kurti Set with Dupatta (Character:  Ensemble)

1 - Brown and Gold Women's Size M Kurti Set (no Dupatta)  (Character:  Ensemble)

1 - Purple and Gold Women's Size XXL (44" bust) Anarkali Dress  (Character:  Ensemble)

1 - Orange and Green Women's Size 40 bust Kurti Set (no Dupatta)  (Character:  Ensemble)

1 - Peach and Maroon Women's Size M Kurta with Dhoti Pant Set   (Character:  Ensemble)

13 - Variety of colors Women's Size S (**All have 2" seam allowance on each side of tunic top**) Beaded Kurta Sets with Dupattas.   (Characters:  Babkak, Omar, Kassim, Iago, Shop Owner, Apple Vendor, Fortune Teller, Ensemble)

  1. Orange
  2. Teal
  3. Blue
  4. Burgundy and Gold
  5. Burgundy with blue base
  6. Blue and Maroon
  7. Olive Green
  8. Blue print
  9. Ocean Blue
  10. Fuschia
  11. Blue with Red
  12. Tan and Burgundy
  13. Burgandy with blue undertone (no dupatta)

1 - Navy Men's Kurti Pant only Size 34

1 - White Eyelet Women's Kurti Pant only Size S

1 - White Linen Women's Kurti Pant only Size S

2 - Mixed colors Kurti Pant only Various Sizes

1 - Mixed color Dupatta