Finding Nemo backdrops & props - MUST SELL

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  • Finding Nemo backdrop 1
  • Finding Nemo Jellyfish
  • finding nemo anemone
  • tank backdrop
  • coral
  • coral 2
  • nemo egg nest
  • filter, rock, bubbles
  • Goggles
  • Bubbles chest
  • bubbling chest inside
  • arrow and trench sign
  • diver's net
  • ocean backdrop
  • Dory walking balloon

Finding Nemo props for sale. Selling as a lot. Includes 6 piece backdrop painted on 4'x8'x1" foam board. Reversible with one side as the ocean and the other as the inside of the tank. . Also includes four pieces of coral, filter with removable bubbles, rock and crawl-thru base. Anemone opens in back so you can stand inside; Egg nest has removable eggs, leaving one "Nemo" egg behind. Net is large and made of PVC and moonfish signs shimmer in the light. Jellyfish collection is painted with glow-in-the-dark paint that looks awesome with black lights. Also includes a plastic treasure chest with attached bubble machine that looks really cool when they are in the aquarium. Located in Emmaus PA. Contact for pickup! No shipping.