NEWSIES steel set pieces

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This is Bob Henrichs at Lincoln Southwest HS in Lincoln, NE.  We just completed our production of NEWSIES in December, 2020.  We had a local steep company make/weld our steel set pieces.

They include 3, 15.5' tall rolling towers (8' X 7.5').  They have 3 levels with steel staircases.  There are also 2, 11.5' tall rolling double decker balconies (10' X 3').  The World gate pieces are also included for one balcony.  There is also a wooden, rolling staircase that connects to the top level of the balconies, and the 2nd level of the towers. These sets come apart for transportation.

We are looking to sell and/or rent these pieces as one set.  Please look at the attached photos and contact me and/or my Technical Director, Scott Engel, if you have further interest, and of course spread the word to anyone you know who might be getting ready, or thinking about producing NEWSIES.

Thanks, Bob

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