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Talk about a musical crowd pleaser, many people consider Guys and Dolls the quintessential American show! So if you're looking for theatrical costumes for your upcoming production of Guys and Dolls we can help.

You can spend years scrounging the local Goodwill shops for items, (hint: you'll have a hard time finding those good vintage 40s-50's suits anymore) or you can rent the complete show form Looking4Costumes. Great outfits for Nathan Detroit, Sky Masterson, and Nicely-Nicely are just the start.

We've gathered a scrumptious collection of gangster costumes from the sophisticated to the outlandish. You'll have a riot of color and patterns on stage to delight the eyes of your audience.

And for the ladies... we boast a great collection of authentic period hats and accessories that will make costuming Guys and Dolls a dream. Our great set of matching missionary costumes; fills a stage nicely, Combine that with the two sets of Hot Box girl costumes (complete with "strip-able" flowers!) and you have a sure fire winner.

Our latest production for the Ephrata Performing Arts Center has received great reviews... and your show will as well with your rental from Looking4Costumes!

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