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“Wouldn’t It be Loverly?” to have all of the difficult theatrical costume work done for you? With MY FAIR LADY from LOOKING4COSTUMES, it already is! We have just finished this set of costumes modeled after the 1964 film starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. They are beautiful, and ready for rental!

Eliza is stunning in everything we’ve created for her, all the way from her Cockney flower girl rags to the captivating black and white dress at the Ascot Racecourse. This leading lady is a must-see (and a must-hear!)

Professor Henry Higgins is no “Ordinary Man,” but a star phoneticist! His brown wardrobe shows how much of a stick in the mud he can be before Eliza finally has an effect on him. Let us find the suits and shoes so you can focus on making your Higgins “phoneme-enal!”  

“With a little Bit of Luck” you will get a great cast for Alfred P. Doolittle and the other dustmen of Covent Garden. We have all of the dirty, dusty outfits and even the tuxedo for Alfie’s new found “middle-class respectability!”

All of your ensemble members will look fabulous from the Ascot Racecourse to the buskers in Convent Garden. Even Higgins’ servants will have the cohesive look in maroon! The ball with the Queen of Transylvania features many gowns as well. Don’t fret about those, as we have plenty in stock!

Make sure to get to “The Church on Time” and get your costumes from LOOKING4COSTUMES!

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