Shrek Outhouse and Fiona's Barn

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  • Shrek the musical outhouse
  • Shrek the musical outhouse-front

ISO new home for this well-constructed set piece from Shrek the Musical. The outhouse is made of heavy plywood and is on multi-directional casters. Its height (on casters) is 88 inches x 36.5 inches wide x 38 inches deep. The outhouse has a full-size door for Shrek's big entrance on one side and spins 180 degrees to transform into Fiona's barn -- a split "dutch" barn door. Makes for a great escape/entrance at the top of the show. All three doors are secured by magnets. Creative designers can certainly think of another show in which this will be useful.  We're asking $125 OBO. The buyer is responsible for transportation. Location is Germantown (Darnestown), Maryland.