Music Man Set

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  • Train
  • River City Town Set
  • Paroo House Interior
  • Paroo Porch
  • Library Interior
  • Library Book Cart
  • Madison Gym
  • Miser Madison Statue
  • Music Man Footbridge
  • Park

Contact Information: Matthew White at  ONQ Productions

714.989.6828 (Orange County, CA)

General Set Components:  Detailed set breakdown available upon request. 

All design paperwork, technical sheets, Stage management information available.

Set easily fits on many different stage sizes.

All Props / Set Dressing / Ect Available

Train: 4 train wagon units with benches / luggage racks

River City Square / Town Pieces:  Bank, billiards, grocery. livery. library. Miser Madison statue W/ base, bench, Hotel, Shins House

Paroo House - Interior - wood floor, window, piano, chair. coat rack . Exterior - porch, rocking chair, window, door

Gym 2 Bleachers, Piano, Gym stage, 4 chairs, podium, podium platform

Library Interior  10 benches, 4 tables, book cart, counter, 2 bookshelves, 1 large window unit

Park  2 park railings, trellis, paper lanterns, 4 trees

Footbridge  Arched Footbridge with railings