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Costuming rental package includes Fairytale Characters: Pinocchio (w/growing nose), Sugar Plum Fairy, Wicked Witch, Dorothy, 3 Pigs, 3 Bears, Wolf (w/ tear away robe), Shoemaker's Elf, Humpty Dumpty, Mad Hatter, Alice, White Rabbit, Puss 'n Boots, Peter Pan, child-sized Tinkerbell

3 Blind Mice, 6 rat tappers (3m/3f), 4 guard, 6 knights for dragon's keep, 10 Duloc Dancers (headpieces/wigs included)

 Shrek (headpiece not provided with rental), Donkey, 3 Fionas (green and wedding dresses), Farquaad (day and wedding costumes)

Props include: Random bags/purses, etc for FTC, blue bird, 2 tear away books, onion, map, Gingy puppet w/removeable legs), Farquaad flags, L O R D F A R Q U A A D letter props, etc. A couple boxes of different "extra" props available if desired, at no extra cost, when renting the entire package.

Wigs not included; headpieces included for FTC except where mentioned above.  

Large mascot-style Rudolph potentially available, depending upon season, for deer scene if desired (for small extra fee).  

18'x48'-50' forest drop potentially available for small extra fee

24" dragon with flapping wings also available for extra fee.  If renting the costumes and dragon...full show, discounts available. Dragon rental $1,200 if alone.  With the entire package, $500.  

Pick up or delivery available. Set is located in LaGrange, Georgia.

For pictures of all costumes/the entire show, check out the Troup County High School Theatre Department Facebook page.  For more information, message Noel Jordan at or text 706-977-9266.