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  • Giraffes
  • Lion King Jr. Costumes Whole Cast
  • 8 Wildebeests
  • Rafiki
  • Pumba & Timon
  • Scar & Mufasa

Entire Lion King Jr. costumes for sale,  All lions are adjustable to fit most heads.  Giraffes are spandex & could easily be stuffed & stretched for taller look.  Elephant made for 2 people.  Fair asking price, cosidering materials & time investment: $700.   Includes 18 Grassland heads, wrists, & ankles. 10 Lioness heads, 8 wildebeests, 2 zebras, 2 antelopes, 1 elephant

Call Kathleen 708-499-6400 x7956 with any questions.  Shipping NOT included.