Beauty and the Beast Costumes

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Call 973-747-7517 for a free quote! We ship all over the United States and can arrange for in-person pick-ups for companies in the NJ tri-state area. Once you place your order, we require a 50% deposit to reserve the costumes for your show and begin designing your production. We will send you blank measurement forms and ask that you return them to us 6 weeks before your shipping or pick-up date so that we will have adequate time to alter the costumes to your specific measurements. Beauty and the Beast and Beauty and the Beast Jr are among the many sumptuous shows that On Cue Costumes rents out for theatrical productions. All costumes are fully accessorized and altered for your measurements. Please visit to see additional show listings and costume photos. On Cue Costumes has been in New Jersey since 2007 and has costumed hundreds of shows in the tri-state area and across the country, including regional and community theatre, college, high school, and middle school productions.