Hunchback of Notre Dame Cathedral set

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Theater set currently being used in Opera House Players production of "Hunchback of Notre Dame". Can be easily used for other productions such as Hunchback, Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, or any other show that requires a cathedral, gothic, or medieval location.

  1. Rear upstage section measures approx 28' across/ 14' tall. Set is shown in a space 55' wide by 23' deep. Two downstage sections can be positioned at various angles to accommodate different stage dimensions.
  2. All platforms are weight bearing with stairs and/or ladder to access. One stair -unit detaches and travels on wheels.
  3. Rose Window can be rear lit and looks beautiful.
  4. All upper scenic wall flats are lightweight translucent vinyl on wooden frames. Lower walls are all solid wood.
  5. Includes large foam bells that can travel on/off via curtain track or used in a fly system.
  6. Traveling candle cart, "Festival of Fools" platform, and "Pyre" platform also included.

Suggested donation of $2000 to Opera House Players as we currently build our new theater in Enfield, CT. Price is negotiable.

Available for pick up after May 21st. Must be able to take apart and transport from Enfield, CT. Please contact Eric Boucher (OHP Artistic Committee Scenic Supervisor) via FB Messenger or for more info, offers, or to arrange a tour if interested.