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Our simple to follow system provides comprehensive forms for you to note your needs from the look of the costume and fabrics to sizes and delivery dates. We leave nothing to chance. We are very detail oriented when it comes to theatrical productions and like to get everything done early so that you don’t have to sweat it at the last minute.

All you need to do is contact us and ask for your FREE theatrical package to be e-mailed to you right away. If you are involved in an upcoming production, please call or e-mail and we can talk “technical” with you about the costumes so you are ready ahead of time.

What makes renting from Pierre’s Costumes so easy

·       We know how many costumes are needed and how many changes are involved for all of those shows… So you don’t need to figure it out. We make you look good!

·       We include all accessories with costumes and do not charge more for items like overcoats and canes. Our costumes are provided complete.

·       There are no hidden charges or “add-ons” for special requests.

·       Our pricing is highly competitive. When you compare apples to apples, Pierre’s is always the better value.

·       We professionally tailor our costumes to your measurements free of charge.

·       We rent bits & pieces, “that one difficult costume,” or the full show.

·       We offer local delivery of costumes for large shows and free last-minute alterations during tech week and we ship early for out-of-state customers.

·       Costumes are provided cleaned and pressed in plastic bags with detailed tags on them. Your costumes arrive ready for the stage!

·       We provide a FREE full plot service and can help you create the “look” you desire by using our extensive resources to fully research the show.

·       We have hair goods, make-up, props, and accessories that would be hard to locate elsewhere.

·       We are the combination of Costumes by Pierre / Pierre of Philadelphia (1943) and Miller Costumes (1876). We have been around long enough to have costumed just about every show in existence many times over and will be able to do the shows yet to be written. If you add up the years of theatrical costuming experience of our staff, it is well over 500 years combined.