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  • Stage Turntable

Stage turntable for sale! 

First built and used in 2004 for a production of Les Miserables (and then again in 2007) it has been sitting in a backstage climate controlled space, unused for the remainder of the time it has been in our possession at Pineville High School in Pineville, Louisiana.

The pieces are in great shape and (if one desired) could be repurposed for other uses, as each of the 12 pieces are constructed of strong plywood and steel. The materials alone to build this potentially cost (roughly, by today's standards) around $600-800 to build (about $8000-$10,000 value).

Each wedge section is measured 14.5 feet from center to the outer edge, and the entire turntable assembled is roughly 30.5 feet in diameter.

There are two casters beneath each piece, and there are additional steel pieces that connect everything together. There is space in the center where everything connects to a central pivot that links to a motor. The motor itself requires work as it only runs at one speed and will not speed up or slow down.

The reason we are selling this is that it has taken up so much space and gone unused over the years, and we do not have a warehouse and the means to where we can store it and / or rent it out. I am open to any potential offers, as I am looking to get it out of our theatre before August 2019. Buyer will assume responsibility for setting up shipping and paying all potential shipping charges.

Additional pictures and information available upon request.

Please contact me at 318-446-2795 or Looking forward to getting it sold!


Kris Prestridge

PHS Artistic Director