SEUSSICAL Costume Plot For Sale

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PoiemArtistry of Raleigh, North Carolina 

We are selling our SEUSSICAL, THE MUSICAL Costume Plot.

$3,500 (Negotiable) -Does Not Include Shipping 



**Cat in the Hat: Striped Hat, Red Tie, Red Vest, Black Tux Pants, Black Tux Jacket, White Tux Shirt, Hawaiian Shirt, Hawaiian Lei, Doctor's Jacket, Stethescope, RingMaster Jacket (Shoes & Gloves not included)

**Jojo: Yellow Tie Dye Shirt, Yellow Button Down Shirt, Yellow Shorts, (Socks not Included)

**Horton: Gray Hat ("H"), Gray Button Down Shirt, Gray Camo Shorts, (Shoes not Included)

**Mayzie: Bird Dress, Tail, Pink Hair Piece, (Fishnet Tights not Included)

**Yertle the Turtle: Black Judges Robe ("Y" lights up), White Judge Wig, (Socks not Included)

**Wickersham Brothers (4): Orange Tshirt, Orange/Black Wash Jeans, Black Denim Jacket

**Gertrude: Blue Dress, Blue Tail (+ Extension), (Shoes, Sock, Bows not Included)

**Sour Kangaroo: Red Pants (elastic waistband), Red Poncho with Black Fur Lining, Red Shimmer Headband, Wig

**Young Kangroo Puppter ($70 Value)

**The General: Green Army Jacket, Tan Pants, Safari Hat, (Whip and Boots Not included)

**Bird Girls: High-Low Dress (Fishnet Tights, Gloves not included)

**Grinch: Green Suit Pants, Green Suit Jacket, Green Tie, Green Grinch Hands

**Mr. Mayor: (2) Yellow Suit (Pants, Jacket, Tie), (1) Mayor Sash

**Mrs. Mayor #1: Pill Box Hat, Suit Jacket, Skirt, Bracelets, Necklace

**Mrs. Mayor #2: Pencil Dress, Sweater, Pill Box Hat, Bracelets, Necklace

**Fish/Hunches: (6) Black Full Body "Bib", 6 Black Crop Tops

**WHO's: 11 Female Costumes (All Dresses. Various Sizes) - all include a headpiece

              6 Male Costumes (Various Sizes)

**Jungle of Nool: 12 Female Costumes (Various Sizes)

                          7 Male Costumes (Various Sizes) - Including Thing 1 and Thing 2 (with wigs)