Beauty & the Beast Costumes

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  • Belle Blue Dress with Beast (pants) costume as beast
  • Belle costume - "everyday" gown cream, gold, pink
  • Belle Ball gown, Beast fancy waistcoat costumes
  • Belle Ball gown, Beast fancy waistcoat costumes dancing
  • Beauty & the Beast Character Costumes - Lumiere, The Wardrobe, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts
  • Mrs. Potts Costume
  • Mrs Potts costume after being freed
  • The Wardrobe costume and Lumiere costume
  • The Wardrobe ballgown costume
  • Lumiere costume
  • Cogsworth costume, Lumiere Costume, Beast Costume

Several Costume pieces we created with a professional/costume professor for our high school production of Disney's Beauty & the Beast are for sale. We would prefer to sell all together as a package, but would consider separating. 

The Beast: rustic pants on beast furry legs   ...... claw gloves.... furry wig with ears and horns (actor wore face makeup no mask) .... fancy back humped blue velvet with gold rose brocade lapels waistcoat created by the professor, knickers with matching collar pouf see pics ( approx 44long)

Belle: blue skirt with white eyelet petticoat revealed about 3 inches below hemline & blue vest, maybe white blouse ....."casual" ballgown in cream,gold, pink ....... fancy dinner golden ballgown boned bodice ..... fancy brunette wig for ballroom scene (size small)

Mrs. Potts: Adjustible dress that has arm spout and moving arm handle - poufs up into teapot mode and becomes regular dress with the pull of a string for freedom scene - made by professor - (size m/l) also fancy large hat

Lumiere- dark blue shadow stripe pants with coordinating vest,  shirt, candlehands, candle hat , white wig

Cogsworth- dark beige silkish tunic jacket, clock overpiece and winding key, hat, white wig (pants may be missing)

The Wardrobe - blue, black, and silver long sleeve ballgown for freedom scene and for under  structured fabric wardobe with openable "drawers" for pulling out the undie drawers. (size med/l)

Prince: woven button fly pants and Townsend white cotton v neck no button collared shirt (M)

Misc: 2 extra costume parts- fancy silver bodice  and a guard vest jacket; 5 whole head furry scary wolf masks, 3 pair gloves with nailclaws, 6 muslin "napkin" miniskirts, extra muslin, 18 silk longstem roses, 8 5-6" bronzish lanterns with small led candle

Price for collection listed $1,500.00 includes UPS ground postage within continental United States. Discount for local pickup. Everything sold "as is" , no returns. Contact us if you are only interested in certain items or for sale terms.

Photos posted soon!