Stage Write: Staging Assistant

Stage Write: Staging Assistant

Easily track the moving pieces of your production.

Track the movement of actors, set pieces, props, light cues with:

Spacing Charts

Track spacing and traffic patterns of actors, scenery, props, and all of the moving parts of a production. Upload video clips for reference.


- Capture blocking by easily moving any set piece or actor icon
- Draw Traffic Patterns with arrows
- Add Notes
- Upload Videos
- Customized Ground Plan for your performance space.
- Customize individual Performer Icons.
- Create Set Pieces or Props with easy import
- Customize Number Line
- Create quick Link to Subject.

Digital Script and Score

Add notes, blocking, cues to the digital script and score. Link the charts to your script and flip back and forth between charts and script.


- Director: make pre-production notes on blocking, traffic.
- Actor Highlight lines, take notes on staging.
- Stage Manager: Create your Calling Script
    • Enter Lighting/Sound Cues
    • Link to Spacing Charts
    • Make Notes on your blocking
    • Prop Tracking
    • Customize Script


Get everyone on the same page. Share your production and collaborate with your team, giving everyone access to edit, view and share changes in real time.


- Director: Set up the production, make a staging plan for rehearsals.
- Stage Manager: capture blocking, make notes, track props, create calling script.
- Choreographer: Plan spacing and traffic patterns, upload video clips.
- Dance Captain: Update spacing and traffic patterns in rehearsal.
- Actors: Review blocking, view video clips, highlight script.
- Swings/Understudies: Review tracks and traffic patterns.
- Lighting Designer: Review spacing charts to plan light focus.
- Wardrobe Team: Create quick change plot.


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August 26, 2021
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Hello, does this work like VSM so we can create shows that aren't MTI properties? Is there an annual sobscription option?

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