8 Wireless Mic System

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  • 8 wireless microphone system

VocoPro UDH-PLAY 8 - Eight-Channel UHF Headset and Lapel Wireless Microphone Package

We bought this because we needed mics quickly, and this was cheaper than most rentals. It worked great!

We used them for 1 tech rehearsal, 1 cue-to-cue, 2 dress rehearsals, and 4 performances with no issues.



- Great price

- Good sound quality and reliability

- Two mics for each body pack (one lapel/lav, one headset)

- Easy on batteries (each pack takes 2 AAs)


- You will need 8 XLR cables (one for each mic) to connect to your sound system

- Body packs stay on their assigned channel, no frequency changes, interchangeability, or expandability