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The Rifle High School Theater Department is pleased to offer our Matilda the Musical set for purchase!  This set was recently featured at the 2019 Colorado High School Thespian Conference as part of the opening mainstage performance.  It transports in a single truck or two small trailers and is easy to assemble and transport.  The stationary set features a fixed back wall of bookshelves, hollowed-out pageless books for a lightweight and safe set, a functional and mobile door for entrance/exit, a projector screen for chalk-writing and puppetry if desired, and wired in led strips that spell REVOLTING.  Mobile set-pieces include:

-Letter blocks that unfold into student desks.

-See-saws in the form of giant pencils.

-Magical desk for cake storage and cup tipping.  Doubles as telly.

-Letter block tower that rotates into functional chokey.

This set was originally designed for a smaller stage with minimal depth, but can be expanded out to a much larger stage as needed.  Flexibility lends this set well to other academic theater programs and community theater programs.  We encourage you to contact us for assistance with assembly, wiring, or other questions!

For more information on this sale including a more detailed look at the set, show photos, and price inquiry, contact Mr. David Van Alstyne at or at 224-633-6809.