Audrey II puppets for Rent

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Your School or theater can rent these Audrey II puppets built in 2018


Long Distance SHIPPING not available.  Local rental only.  Pick up or delivery within 5 hours of Grand Rapids MI only.

The rental of the Audrey II puppets is $1900.00 for 3 weeks. Any additional weeks are $400.00 per week. Transportation or shipping is not included in that price and is the responsibility of the school or theatre renting the puppets.  Delivery can be arranged at an additional charge. 

For more information availability email


Audrey II puppets include the following:

  • Pod 1 – The smallest plant.
  • Pod 2 – Plant attached to jacket slightly larger than pod 1.
  • Pod 3 – Plant with puppeteer seating inside the puppet. This pod also comes with; plant root pants and foot coverings for puppeteer to wear, brown pot for puppet to sit in, block seating with 2 large leaves attached.
  • Pod 4 – The largest of the plants. Easy for actors to crawl through. Includes a top leaf that grows, two leaf costumes for leaf people.
  • 4 leaf curtains – Easy to use individual leaf like curtains for the finale of Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Dentist Chair, Gas mask with tank.

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