Spelling Bee Props Package

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Milwaukee - Wisconsin

We are ACTIVELY trying to sell the ENTIRE props/set dressing package to 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Rolling bleachers (rolls like a dream!) , light up dance shoes, sign up table for the lobby, flag poles, large spelling bee 'banner' ,tables, juice boxes, basketball hoop, trophy, climbing rope and MUCH MUCH more...... We can also include the flooring, crash doors etc.-- (Scenic elements that are specific to the show)

PAGES of props. (Fits into one 13' box truck.--It will be A FULL TRUCK.

Just put it in your school auditorium and you're ready!

We also have set package (walls and ceiling truss) as well.

Of course this will make it a larger truck !

This show is a GREAT show to do on a small budget but ALL the props do 'eat up' budgets.This props package is great deal. (Especially since we add in the scenic elements like the bleachers, basketball hoop, rope, crash doors, score board as a part of the package. Your TD will save some $ in their scenic budget ;) )

These are quality professional built elements.

Feel free to google image Skylight Music Theatre Spelling Bee for visuals