"The Little Mermaid" Scenic Projections

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Affordable Scenic Projections at your fingertips! SLShowTech.com creates script accurate scenic projections built in a 3D virtual world. All of our shows are designed by theatre professionals with over 40 years in the industry. As a middle school and high school theatre teacher I understand school budgets. Understanding that projections are the wave of the future, we are trying to make high quality animated projections affordable for all schools and community theatres.  Using our ShowOne App streamlines your projections and will save you countless hours. No need to import or set up anything, just log into the App and Press GO. In our LIVE version you can make edits for your production in real time. Our new LIGHT version enables our projections to run on any computer. We are adding shows to our inventory every month. Please contact us with any questions. Check out the website at slshowtech.com