For Sale: Music Man Set Elements with Wells Fargo Wagon

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We recently completed a run of The Music Man in Hilton Head Island, SC with the Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute. This set, designed by Matthew Imhoff, is for sale as a complete unit or in individual parts. Please schedule pickup by 8/9.

Pieces available: 
Wells Fargo Wagon- $1000
Iowa Map Scrim, unmounted- $200
Two Dance-able Library Tables, 12' x 2.6'- $500
Four matching vertical windows, rigged to fly, 14'x3'- $300
Two, working LED street lamps, 12'- $450
Large Gymnasium Window, rigged to fly, 12'h x 14'w- $300
Paroo House, Rigged to Fly- $350
Town Signs, Ice Cream Sociable Banner- $400

Measurements and spec available upon request. For perspective, the proscenium width of the stage photographed is 40-0.