FOR SALE Little Shop Audrey II Puppet Complete Set

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This is complete set of Audrey Two puppets that have been used in three productions in the last 15 years. We just closed out an outdoor storage unit and have decided that we don't see this production in our future anytime soon, so she needs to go.

Important Considerations:

1. These have been stored outdoors for 5 years, but remain quite similar to the condition when we last used them. To be safe, we suggest cleaning and disinfecting before beginning the refurbishment and eventual rehearsal process.

2. The bases for the larger two plants were built for every production and we can provide photos and suggestion/tips. But they are not complicated and not included.

3. As we did for each production, there will need to be structural repairs to the larger two Audreys, as well as paint touch-ups. The internal framing of the largest plant is made of spray foam and curved conduit. The performer is mostly standing upright in this largest plant. For the second largest plant, the performer is operating it sitting down in the planter (that you'll make) and puppeteering it with a 'gator chomp' motion. The performers arms are what allow this puppet to stay upright and also lean forward to 'look' around.

4. The third largest plant has the traditional fake arm bit with jacket and the smallest one is built to rest on a table and has pull strings to allow the puppeteer inside the table to get their hand inside without rocking the puppet.

These items are locating in Hilton Head Island, SC and payment is by venmo, paypal, or cash on pickup. Pickup must occur by July 24th. Shipping is not available.