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Owned by: Southern Garrett High School, Oakland, Maryland

Contact: Erin White, theatre teacher


mobile: (301) 616-5407

Cost: $600 (set valued at $1500) plus shipping

Detailed List of Costumes:

Elle Woods: 1 gorgeous blonde wig made of human hair (valued at $300 by itself!); 3 handheld American flags (for the LB Remix); 1 coral pink toy flip phone (for LB Remix and Courtroom Scene – shares with Gaelen in Scene 1); 1 pair medium high-waisted sequin shorts, 1 medium stretch military cropped jacket, and 1 band hat black and silver( for What You Want Pt. 2); 1 pink velour track suit (size large but fits like a  medium) with zip-up jacket and pants (for Harvard yard); 1 size medium bright pink stretchy sundress with hearts and one hot pink scarf ( for “Serious”); 1 size large pink leotard and 1 magenta bow tie (for bunny costume)

Kyle, the UPS man: large brown shirt with UPS logo; hat with UPS logo

Grandmaster Chad:  XL light blue  UCLA sweatshirt; UCLA pennant; UCLA hat; 1 pair argyle socks(UCLA colors)

Greek Chorus: Lavender crocheted beanie with flower (for Kate, as seen on Broadway – copycat of Witherspoon’s film look); 1 size large (but fits like a medium) light blue cheer skirt and an identical one in white(for Serena); 1 small white track suit with zip-up jacket and pants; 6 medium pink sequins tank tops and 6 medium metallic pink skater skirts(for What You Want Pt. 2); 3 pair black dance shorts; 4 medium and 1 small white tank tops with large green sequined clovers; 5 pairs green and white striped clover knee socks; 2 small and 3 medium green plain pleated tartan skirts (for Riverdance section); 6 hot pink and white varsity jackets with the letters "ELLE WOODS" spelled out on back (for "So Much Better").

Jet Blue Pilot: 1 aviator kit: pilot hat;  set epaulets; wing pin

Ensemble: 22 medium pink cadet hats; 10 hot pink sweatbands and 9 1/2 pairs of  hot pink wristbands (for What You Want Part 2);  25 handheld pink flags (for the LB Remix); 7 sets of pink and silver mylar pompoms (for What You Want- Pt. 2); 20 orange beaded jump ropes, 23 pairs of neon orange kneesocks with black stripes at the top, 18 medium and 3 large neon orange t-shirts (for Whipped into Shape); 18 black mortarboards, 2 pink stoles (for Elle and Vivienne),  (for graduation scene).