Willy Wonka Set & Costumes

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We are selling the following set and costume pieces from our production of Willy Wonka Jr. as a $2000 package deal. Additional photos available, but the file size is too large for this site. Please email boxoffice@sjredwings.org for more information.

Candy Cart ​
Boat with seats for all tickets winners and parent
Fizzy Lifter (with bubble machine)
TV and Stand
5 golden tickets that light up when they get their ticket and then turn off when eliminated
Blueberry Costume--Battery powered
Matching blue track suits (a la the movie) for Violet and Mom
Matching White coats for Violet and Mom
Veruca's Red Dress
Candy Canes and Huge Lollipops
18 Oompa Costumes and Wigs
4 Squirrel Ensemble costumes 
Dress and apron for Mrs. Gloop