Willy Wonka Set & Costumes

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We are selling the following set and costume pieces from our production of Willy Wonka Jr. as a $1500 package deal.

Props / Set Pieces Include:
Candy Cart ​
Fizzy Lifter (with bubble machine)
Wonka Vision TV Stand
5 golden tickets that light up when they get their ticket and then turn off when eliminated
Blueberry Costume--Battery powered
Huge Lollipops
Large contract that flies in
Misc. Candy Bar props

Costumes Include:
30 Oompa Loompa Costumes - 19 white overalls, 11 white overalls/skirts, 30 wigs, shirts and socks (orange, yellow, blue, purple and green), and 20 black shoe coverings
30 Candy Man Kid shirts in a variety of bright colors
Willy Wonka's purple jacket
The Beauregards - 2 blue track suit, including 1 blow-up blueberry outfit, and 2 white jackets
Veruca's red dress and hair bow
The Gloops - 2 Augustus costumes (1 modern and 1 from the older movie), 1 Mrs. Gloop dress
11 brown squirrel costumes with tails, skirt and ears
12 chef hats

If you'd like to see photos from our show, copy and paste this link into your browser:

Please email boxoffice@sjredwings.org for more information.